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Point to Point Connectivity


Point to Point Connectivity

Data is a precious business asset; it needs to be easily accessible and protected so you can work with agility and speed. Colt enables you to do just that using our non-Internet based, high performance private networking solutions whether you work in one city, one country or across Europe and beyond.

Guaranteed bandwidth ensures that all your sites can work together and exchange information effectively. And our industry leading SLAs mean you can work with confidence 24/7.

Efficient communication across all your offices and the ability to easily exchange information with suppliers and partners are vital to success in a fast moving marketplace. To do all that you need a single, highly reliable network that supports all of your applications including voice. Add stringent security and service level agreements to the mix and you’re ready to work with confidence.

Whether you’re thinking about consolidating your servers, or want a distributed approach, Colt can help. If you have network specialists in your IT department or wish to completely outsource your WAN network, we can offer a wide range of solutions to make the most of your applications and communications.

At Colt we believe that your business applications deserve a real business-grade network; one that delivers a user experience that brings all your people together as if they were working at one site.

That’s why our solutions don’t rely on the public Internet, and deliver the best quality and highest standards available anywhere. At Colt we’re proud of our long tradition of excellence and our reputation for customer service. So, when you choose Colt you know you’re getting the best.

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