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EtherStream V


EtherStream V

EtherStream V offers bandwidths of up to 320Mbps downstream and up to 80Mbps upstream, all at a fixed price, and without the traditionally high costs of a fibre connection. By bonding multiple Next Generation Access lines together Easynet is able to give you massive bandwidth at a fraction of the cost of a lease line delivered in less than half the time of most providers.

In-built resilience

Your service is inherently resilient; operating over multiple VDSL circuits bonded together – which means if one of your lines goes down, the other circuits will continue to operate.

High performance

We manage our backhaul to ensure that we can bring you the very best performance available, with industry-leading contention rates, packet-loss, latency, and jitter.

Fast repair

Our SLAs are second to none, with 8 hour respond-and-repair times and service credits if performance ever falls outside of our committed levels.

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