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Companies today exist in an environment with mounting pressure to reduce costs and invest in the right technology. They also operate in a more dispersed way, yet strive for greater efficiency. MPLS VPNs enable you to securely exchange information across different sites, provide remote access to IT applications, and provide secure Internet break-out if required – making information available whenever and wherever it’s needed. In this way your organisation is able to operate efficiently, whilst minimising the costs associated with network communications.

Best fit solution design

Whether it’s lead time, price points, SLAs, diversity or product availability that’s important to you, our carrier integration model allows you to choose your technology, network, and products for the individual site locations within your network. In doing so we can provide the best solution to fit your needs for any of the sites. As your needs change we give you the flexibility to evolve your design, including taking advantage of the latest technologies as soon as they become available from carriers.

Cost efficiency through convergence

Using MPLS technology we can create a converged network solution which will let you put your data, voice, and multimedia traffic through a single platform with a single supplier. Furthermore, you can prioritise specific applications such as IP telephony, video and business critical data using multiple classes of service. Having a single network for all your applications results in reduced costs and improved operational efficiency.

Reliable service

In addition to resilient design options that can be implemented, our services are managed round the clock by our skilled technical staff, giving you peace of mind that should an issue arise the impact on your operations is minimised. Plus portal-based operational tools ensure that you have the level of visibility and control you need.

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