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Fibre to the Cabinet FTTC


Fibre to the Cabinet FTTC

TempuraNET FTTC powered by Vodafone, is a high speed modern variant of broadband that was previously ADSL. The downstream speed as with ADSL is higher than the upload speeds but with most DSL usage relating to the downloading of data (received email, viewing webpages, downloading files, films or software updates) this is the more important aspect. However wtih upsteam speeds 10x or more than that of ADSL the FTTC services enable small office or home based users IP Telephony or videoconferencing solutions to be deployed.

The service requires a phone line to run on that can be provided as part of the service. TempuraNET FTTC services are available with up to 8 static IP addresses and can be purchased as connection only or with a preconfigured router supplied.

Pricing and ordering is simple via the order form.

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