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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Case Study

Vidyo Platform Enables mobitoki’s Videoconferencing Based Sign Language Interpretation Service in Poland


Help Poland comply with EU legal requirements to make public services available to deaf and hard-of-hearing citizens in their national sign language, given a scarcity of sign language interpreters.


Vidyo API, as the basis of mobitoki’s toktutok videoconferencing-based sign language interpretation service VidyoDesktop VidyoMobile VidyoRouter VidyoPortal


The toktutok service overcomes communication barriers, removes stress and minimizes misunderstanding for deaf medical patients and users of other government services throughout Poland. A potential 40,000 public sites in Poland can efficiently and cost-effectively use Poland’s 150 sign language interpreters via high-quality video. The Vidyo-based service works via commodity PCs and even in areas with poor Internet services, with sufficient quality to capture nuances of fast-moving finger and hand movements.

Lifesize Q&A with Silicon Labs: An inside glimpse into what makes Silicon Labs a pioneer in semiconductor production.

With all the video options on the market, why did you switch to Lifesize Cloud?

Lifesize Cloud is simple from an end-user perspective, and it’s simple for administrators. From deploying the room systems out to the remote sites and the subscription service into the cloud for the employees, it’s very easy. Lifesize sends auto-updates to all systems that are connected to the cloud, so we don’t have to remote in to all the boxes to update them. Plus, the clients are auto-updated as well. It’s all very easy to use and configure from an administrative perspective. That’s huge.

Have you seen any changes?

It’s been revolutionary: within just weeks after launch, we already had over 200 users created. It’s taken off, and it’s taken off quick. A solution like Lifesize Cloud makes it so easy for me to be at home—on a work machine, my personal machine or a mobile device—and I can participate and see people and content at the same time. With the interoperability of Lifesize Cloud, you can connect with people outside the company too. It doesn’t matter what client someone’s using; I can send an invitation to anyone inside or outside the company, and I don’t have to worry about how they connect.

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