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Product Demo

Tempura understands the importance of supporting reseller partners by providing the best solution possible to end-customers. With its strong team of account managers and technical support, Tempura can:


Product demonstrations 

Custom fit 

We craft our demo to fit your audience requirements. Although we understand that our products have many excellent features and selling points we only highlight the specific features that prospects can relate to.

We want your prospects to leave the demo room understanding the value that the product can deliver to meet their needs.

A typical customer product demo at Tempura House:

All we require from you is a minimum of 8 customers in attendance. Product demo days are free to our partners and your customers.

Refresher sessions

We offer our partner resellers one-to-one training sessions, either remotely, or at Tempura House. Contact us to find out more.

  • 09.30 – Arrival and refreshments

  • 10.00 – Product demonstration by the Tempura account manager (and / or yourself if you prefer)

  • 12.00 – Lunch 

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