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Yealink 2nd Generation Video Systems Launched

Yealink have been busy developing their 2nd Generation systems following their 1st Gen systems launched in 2015. The 2018 range of systems are likely to prove disruptive in the market place, and a range of native Microsoft Team systems will follow next year, and Yealink Cloud services due this Spring.

The new range compliments the two Video Phones (T49G Video Phone and the T58V Video Phone) with a Huddle System (Yealink VC200) competing at the USB Room based camera pricing but offering a quality fully warrantied, full video codec appliance experience, as an all in one system supporting wireless data sharing via the optional USB Button – as well as offering an in built 4K PTZ Camera to connect to an HDMI screen. No USB Cables needed!! Priced to attack the box of bits USB Market and costing less than some of the room PCs that are added as part of the USB Solution with retail pricing sub £1500 ex VAT.

The Small Meeting Room system (VC500) is available with either Wireless MIC PODS or with a Touch Screen SIP Conference Phone with wired mic pods that also provides the speaker and Microphone as well as control.  Designed for rooms for 4 up to 12 seats this solution supports 1 or 2 screens, has inbuilt USB Recording included and costs betwen £3K-£4.5K depending on the version ex VAT.

The Larger Meeting Room space (VC800) provides an exception camera, the Touch Screen SIP Conference Phone

with 2 Wireless DECT Microphones and the ability to extend the inbuilt point to point capability with either 8-way, 16-way or 24-way multi-point license. As with the VC500 the system supports 2 screens connected and has USB recording as a standard feature. The new systems are also capable of supporting the new H265 protocol as well as todays older H323/H264 specification and SIP Based Video calling.  RRP starts at £6K ex VAT.

For Board Rooms or Integration the VC880 provides a solution designed for being mounted in difference scenarios – be that lecture theaters, medical centres, boardrooms or anywhere else where a standard 1 or 2 screens and meeting table may not be present. The VC880 supports up to 9 cameras connected without the need of any additional hardware. Pricing is aggressive as with the other systems.

Aside from the new hardware Yealink have also been working with Cloud providers with integration work with the market leaders including Blue Jeans, Zoom, Videxia and StarLeaf. The integration provides features such as one touch dialing, and directory integration with the Cloud platform, and in the case of StarLeaf provides the same quick connect code process regarding configuration on new systems as used by StarLeaf systems themselves. The Cloud services provide the integration to Skype for Business as well as registering the systems (similar to IP Telephones) for connecting systems outside the organisation with ease and providing services to provide multi-way meetings typically for up to 50 participants.

Units are on display at Tempura in Basingstoke connected to StarLeaf and Videxia Cloud, with loan and trial systems available for partners and their customers and demo systems available to purchase at massively reduced rates. Yealink are helping create the market, we are looking for more focused partners to assist with providing end customers very attractive technological and commercial solutions as alternatives to the current defaults.

Please contact for more information.

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