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Sales Road Shows
and Events

Sales Road Shows and Events

Tempura knows that the best way to maximise opportunities in the market is to conduct or participate in well thought out sales road shows, trade shows and events with partner resellers. They can be targeted for prospects or for existing clients and the objectives can be one or a combination of the following:

  • SALES! Create interest in your product/service

  • Build market awareness of your product/service

  • Build relationships with key players in market

  • Generate add-on sales “leads” from client base

  • Develop stronger relationships with clients

  • Collect research/customer feedback

  • Increase awareness of your range of products and services

  • Cross selling of products and services

  • Introduce key decision-makers from firms to your executives

  • Educate the client base to your vision and direction in a controlled environment

We can help our resellers extend their marketing budgets by letting us know how we can participate in their relevant shows and events.

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