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Vodafone Solutions

The Vodafone brand is one of the strongest technology companies in the world, with 20 million customers in the UK and over 400 million customers worldwide making them the 2nd biggest mobile provider in the world. Following the acquisition of Cable and Wireless in 2012 Tempura chose Vodafone to provide the TempuraNET broadband services now labelled as TempuraNET powered by Vodafone. The services include Broadband DSL and Fibre to the Cabinet services with internet service both utilising BT infrastructure and Vodafone On NET services.

Other connectivity services include Ethernet service and Fibre leased lines for internet and point to point data services as well as Colo Rack space hosting.

The ability to provide simultaneous phone line and broadband services in the UK, and backed by the 13000 employees of Vodafone, TempuraNET services provide fast and cost effective internet and data services for any size business.

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